4 Branding Tips for Start-ups

Building a brand from scratch is a tricky task – especially when most start-ups have a small budget to work with. Before you start selling to customers, it’s really important to establish your brand identity and understand what you stand for. Only from here can you start to design logos and create company values or slogans. Jumping straight into designing your website without the essentials of a branding strategy is not a good idea.

London is the start-up capital of Europe. Unfortunately, many of them fail within the first few years because they don’t have a proper plan. Branding is really important for connecting with customers and having a professional and trustworthy reputation. The umbrella term represents everything from the font you use on your marketing leaflets to how you interact with your audience on social media. Here are four top branding tips for entrepreneurs and young businesses.

1.    Understand your target market

Before you start attempting to create a branding strategy, it’s absolutely critical to research and understand your target market. Who are you selling to and why? Once you understanding your target customer, you can start to make those crucial branding decisions with them in mind. How will your logo and language appeal to this target customer? What do they look for in a product or service?

2.    Focus on design

One of the most important aspects of branding is design. If you try and design your logo and website yourself, then this will most likely come across as amateur. Hire a design expert to help with your business identity and designs, and it will definitely be worth the extra expense.

3.     Be authentic

The whole point of creating a brand identity is to show people what your business is all about, and that it has a personality. With this in mind you need to be authentic at all times. Focus on what you’re good at, and don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Just because lots of other brands are claiming to be green and eco-friendly doesn’t mean you should too – unless you can back it up. Find what makes you unique rather than being a sheep and following the crowd.

4.    Consistency is key

At the start of a business, it’s tempting to play around with lots of ideas all at once. While it’s good to experiment, this approach doesn’t work with branding because you must stay consistent. If your basic designs start to differ across your website, social media and printed materials, consumers will be confused. The number one rule is to be consistent.

Keep it simple and your brand identity will flourish in no time.