4 Steps to Creating the Perfect Business Identity

Trying to create a brand from scratch? We understand it can be a bit daunting trying to generate a business identity when the company has only just been established. Nevertheless an effective brand identity is vital from the very beginning, so investors, partners, suppliers and customers can recognise and understand the business and what it stands for.

Establishing the perfect business identity is quite a long process, and you should consult multiple professionals in the process. Not only do you need a creative team with a thorough understanding of the organisation and its ethos, you may also require researchers, branding gurus and marketing pros. If you’re attempting to devise something special, here are the four stages to follow.

1.    Competitor research

Before you try and think of a business name or select the colour palette you’ll use, it’s imperative that you conduct competitor research. You need to know your company’s place in the market, and determine that there room for your business. Choose a few companies in your sector and do a SWOT assessment to highlight the differences between your brand and theirs, and identify possible opportunities. You also need to take time to fully understand your target market and what kind of branding will appeal to them.

2.    Choose an appropriate name 

The first step in conceiving an identity is choosing a name. For many this is the most difficult part of the process, because a business name has to convey an accurate message. Brainstorm a few times, with different people, and narrow the options down to two or three names. Make sure the name means something for your business or includes your personal name in some way – don’t just choose something completely random. Once you’ve settled on a name, do the necessary searches to make sure it’s not too similar to another local business or business in your target market, and register the business name.

3.    Mission statement and tagline

Now it’s time to go much further than a name – what does the company stand for? Spend time defining the business purpose and what your company goals are. Write up a mission statement which clearly describes the business ethos and shows off its personality. Then it’s time to create shorter versions for a catchy tagline. You might want to hire the help of a wordsmith for these!

4.    Logo and branding

At the same time as step four, you should be starting to pull together ideas for the logo and the rest of the branding identity (website, press packs, flyers etc.). All aspects of the business identity should work together, so the logo and tagline need to complement one another. Professional branding design services can help you come up with an authentic, meaningful logo and other branding essentials such as typography, business cards and menus.

Brand building is an ongoing process, so even after following these steps your identity won’t be complete. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day….neither is a successful brand!