4 Ways to Craft a Good First Impression for your Business

Making a good first impression on new clients or customers is really important. When visiting a business premises, people quickly make a judgement about the company and whether they could build a positive relationship with it. Let’s take an example of a local café – if most of the tables are full of dirty plates that haven’t been cleared, the staff look miserable and you can’t find a menu, you are unlikely to buy anything.

Crafting a positive first impression is vital, but you should also aim to create a lasting impression too. How will your company be remembered? We’ve put together four great ideas to help your business form a good impression.

1.    Professional Signage

Nothing screams amateur quite like homemade shop signs or dull signage in an office.  If you want to really make a lasting impression then you’ll need a quirky interior or impressive décor and branded signage to stay at the front of people’s minds. How does your business nameplate or shop front stand out from the crowd?

2.    Engage

In any business situation, it’s imperative that you engage the potential customer or client. Do this by making eye contact and taking an interest in them. In a retail and hospitality environment you should acknowledge all visitors through the door if possible, striking up a conversation if they are willing. Never leave people waiting! Build a positive rapport with potential clients by showing you are listening and paying attention to body language.

3.    Welcoming Environment

It’s not just you or your staff which help create the first impression, but the building and surroundings also play a vital role. Try and ignite as many senses as possible with attractive smells, visuals and tastes if necessary. You want the potential customer to feel at home at your place of business, so always keep it clean and tidy, with a warm atmosphere.

4.    Build trust

The best way to create a lasting impression is buy building trust as soon as possible. There are many ways to do this, depending on the type of business and how you can connect with clients. An online business can improve authority and trust by becoming a trusted source of information – having an engaging and useful blog page. If someone in store is torn between two products, make an informed recommendation – not just pushing the most expensive option.

Once someone has made a first impression of a business, it’s difficult to change. Make sure the impression you create is a positive one.