How to brand your shop front with free branding analysis give away

If you’re a new business setting-up for the first time, or an established business about to relocate to a new space, branding should be your number one priority for getting yourself noticed. You may be busy thinking about your branding, signage and the ways to ensure your shop front makes an exceptional first impression to your customers. But it’s important to make your presence felt even long before that. We’ve all seen those ‘coming soon’ posters on the front of buildings and shop fronts while under construction. Well, this, believe it or not, is your first chance to make an impression. Rather than a generic ‘coming soon’ poster that everyone in the block will have, consider branding your vinyl so that your customers immediately know what’s coming soon.

If branding is your first impression, you want to make sure that everything from the choice of colours, words you use and placement of the vinyl is making an impressive impact. Especially if you’re a new business about to open, your potential customers will be walking past your premises everyday, which is the perfect time to grab their attention. Here are three ways to get your new business development noticed, even before it’s open:

  • Coming soon!

A ‘coming soon’ vinyl in your shop front window or in other areas of high footfall is not just a way to communicate your news, it’s also the ideal way to make your first impression to your new potential customers. Think about how your ‘coming soon’ vinyl’s are branded, what colours are you using, what fonts? Are there any other messages you want to share, such as who you are and what you can offer? Tell people how to get in touch with you or how to find out more about you. The average person needs seven touchpoints before they purchase. Your ‘Coming soon’ sign is touchpoint one, a referral to your website, social media or phone number is the second touchpoint.

  • Feather flags

You don’t just want to make noise on your shop front, there may be a higher footfall of customers just around the corner who may never know you exist if you don’t let them know. Feather flags are like points on a monopoly board, letting people know that something exciting is just around the corner, or soon to be just around the corner. You’d be surprised at how many people walk past your signs every day and eventually enter your shop or decide to use your services simply because they’re seen a reminder every day.

  • Make a big splash of being open

Finally, when you do open your shop, make a big splash of being open, and not just on the shop front window but also on the inside. You want your shop front vinyl to be impressive AND your internal decals to give your customers the impression of being part of something exciting and the first to take part! Make sure all of your vinyls and decals work together and think strategically about the layout of the space.

Check out these shop front vinyl and internal decals we completed recently for a shop front, a gym and an office space.

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