Digital VS Print: Marketing in the Modern World


The world of marketing has certainly evolved over the past decade, and there are more choices for businesses than ever before. Traditional marketing is often pegged against digital marketing, but which one has better results? Small businesses might not have the budget for traditional advertising such as TV advertisements and newspaper adverts, when digital marketing is so cost effective. However, does digital marketing reach all demographics?

There are positives and negatives to both digital and print marketing, and it’s important for businesses to weigh up the benefits of each. Because of the rise of digital marketing, some people believe print materials are now obsolete – but that’s not the case. Because less companies focus on print brochures, they have now acquired an exclusive label which makes it a great asset for certain businesses. Alternatively, an online ecommerce business which conducts most of its consumer communications through email would probably not invest in print materials or other traditional forms of marketing.

Here are the main advantages of the two marketing methods.

Print marketing

With printed materials such as flyers, you can target a local audience.

Direct mail is more likely to be opened than an email, because emails are so easily deleted and nobody wants an overflowing inbox.

Printed marketing is tactile, which some people respond to better than digital advertising. Printed materials can also be kept at home and used as a source of information when needed.

Digital marketing

The main benefit of digital marketing is the interaction – your audience can communicate with you on social media and respond to your content.

Digital marketing is extremely cost effective, and in some cases it’s free. Building websites, social media pages and paid online advertising is usually affordable for most businesses.

Many aspects of digital marketing are measurable, so with the help of analytics businesses can see which campaigns work well and which content users don’t respond to. It’s difficult to measure the return on investment in the same way for print marketing.

As traditional and digital marketing have different advantages, there is no reason why they can’t work in harmony together. Businesses don’t have to use one or the other, and print marketing doesn’t have to become forgotten just because there is a new type of marketing. Modern businesses should be using all channels available to them when it comes to branding and marketing, to reach a wide audience.

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