Famous Signs Recognised Around the Globe

Signage can make an impact and a lasting impression if it’s authentic and designed well. Some signs have even become iconic – think of hot tourist spots like Hollywood and Las Vegas, which have their very own infamous signs. Many signs are well recognised all around the world and have become a part of local history. From business signage to insignificant direction signs which have become high profile selfie material, here are some of the most famous signs around the globe. How many have you seen in real life?

Hollywood Sign

Probably the most famous sign in the entire world, ever since it was erected the huge letters have demanded attention. Overlooking LA’s tinseltown and celebrity playground, the Hollywood letters symbolise the American dream of fame. It was erected way back on 1923 and actually read ‘Hollywoodland’ at first – it started as an advertising billboard for a new luxury real estate development. The letters overlook the Los Angeles metropolis, and over the decades have been featured in many films and TV shows.

Moulin Rouge Windmill

The front of the Moulin Rouge theatre in Paris is almost as famous as the cabaret shows which go on inside! The red windmill and light up sign is one of the city’s most recognised sights, which also boasts a lot of history. Originally built in 1889, the red windmill on the Parisian skyline has attracted the likes of aristocrats as well as the working class, and the 2001 film made the signage even more distinguishable.

Penny Lane street signs

We see street signs every day, and although they may differ slightly between local authorities they are pretty much the same. So why would a street sign become so famous? In this case, the most legendary pop band in the world grew up there and named a song after it. Penny Lane in Liverpool is visited by Beatles fans from all over the world, even though it’s just a regular street sign.

Classic Road Trip signs

Completing a road trip in a foreign country is a dream for many, and roads which are frequently driven by tourists usually have well recognised signs. Take Route 66 for example, the classic way to get from Chicago to Los Angeles – the route 66 signs are the icon of the American road trip. Australia boats an impressive Great Ocean Road sign, and the Welcome to Las Vegas light up sign is also a symbol of travel and adventure.

Signage will never lose its importance, even in the digital age.