How can Poor Design Harm a Brand?

The role of design in business is often underrated, because consumers put a lot of faith in good design and branding. Poor design can damage a brand and have a negative impact on sales as well as brand perception. We’re talking about everything from product packaging to your logo and website. It’s remarkable to think that the role of a graphic designer can be so crucial to a brand’s success, but it’s true. Consumers judge a company on what they see, so if they don’t like what they see then they will instantly disassociate with the brand and its products or services.

This is why poor quality design work or inconsistent designs can harm the success of a business. Investing in a premium design consultancy is key to creating a distinctive design for your brand identity. With a winning brand strategy and design process, businesses can focus on customer service and quality products to master the recipe for success.

Read on for examples of how good and bad design can directly influence consumers and have a positive or negative impact on your brand.

The customer experience

Retail brands are putting the focus on the experience of shopping, whether it’s the in-store experience or online experience. This means that product packaging plays a vital role in evoking emotions and ‘making or breaking’ the buying experience. If you want to see just how much packaging can affect a product, search YouTube for the amount of unboxing videos. Define your company’s brand values and write down how you want the product packaging to make people feel, and make sure the design reflects it.

Bad website is bad for business

For the majority of your customers, your website will be their first reference or introduction to your business and they are very quick to judge it. Have you heard of the blink test? Online marketers refer to the blink test as the 3-5 seconds you have to impress visitors to your website. In this time from landing on the website, a visitor will decide whether they want to continue browsing or abandon ship and head to a competitor site. The overall visual design of the site has a huge part to play in the judgement, and is usually the biggest deciding factor. Fast loading times and easy navigation are also essential web design features.

Weak or inconsistent branding

Your brand image is what separates you from everybody else and creates customer loyalty – it’s essential for business growth and success. If you have a weak brand image which doesn’t properly represent your brand values and personality, you won’t get far. Consistency is also really important; if your shop signage doesn’t relate to your website you’re simply confusing consumers and missing out on brand recognition gains.

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