How Signage can Improve Store Footfall

Increasing footfall in your retail store usually relies on catching the eye of passers-by. How do you entice customers into your shop? When it comes down to it, it’s all about appearance. Attracting customers and boosting footfall won’t happen unless you place a strong focus on the appearance of your store, and make the most of the premises. Does it look inviting?

There are plenty of ways to make your shop front look more appealing. From an eye-catching window display to a simple hanging basket in bloom, you don’t have to invest a great amount of money to make a huge difference. Additionally, you need people to notice you store. It’s no good making it look beautiful and welcoming if the general public walking past don’t glance your way. This is where signage comes into play, and outdoor signs can be particularly effective at drawing the people inside. 

Here’s some inspiration for signage which can attract customers and increase footfall at your premises.


An outdoor chalkboard is a very popular choice at the moment for a range of businesses. Creative store owners attempt to catch the attention of passers-by with a funny or inspirational quote, or alternatively you could highlight a bestseller or sale item. The great think about a blackboard is you can change the wording as often as you like, so the sign can be used all year round.

Retail Fascia

Perhaps the most important exterior business signage is the fascia; the shop front. This creates the first impression of the business, and should be used to use your branding to full effect. Potential customers will subconsciously judge your store by the fascia, so it’s critical that it reflects the company well. A quality sign will be remembered, and even if a person does not enter the store today – they might come back.

Feather Flag Banner

Another way to demand attention is with a feather flag banner. Depending on the area directly outside of the store, banners can be placed out on the street or in nearby high footfall areas to let people know you’re open and ready for business. This type of signage is quite sturdy and weather-resistant, and they make a great way of framing a pathway into the store in a car park or large outdoor space.

All business signage is important, but pay special attention to your outdoor signs as these could be the answer to persuading people to come inside.