How to Improve your Business Credibility

Establishing business credibility is an ongoing process; it can’t be done overnight but there are some simple changes you can make to get results. Every company wants to be taken seriously and be seen as a credible business, so how do you prove your trustworthiness to your customers?

In today’s business domain, when organisations must exist online and offline and blend both experiences, it’s more vital than ever to be seen as reliable and credible. In an increasingly digital age, many businesses are exclusively online and these have to work even harder to boost credibility. However, if you understand what consumers desire then you can take action. Here are some ready-made ways to improve your business integrity.


If you want people to buy your products online, then it’s important your online presence portrays a trusted business. Your website is the first point of call for many potential customers, so take time to ensure it looks its best. A professional design will always win over a DIY job, and you also need to make sure it’s responsive. If a site takes a while to load or sends people to non-existent pages, visitors soon lose trust in the company.

To make your website more credible, make sure all of your contact details are on every page. Some consumers will always prefer to speak to someone over the phone rather than send an email, and it gives customers peace of mind that there will be someone accountable if transactions don’t go as planned. Your social media presence is really important too – respond in a timely manner to any private messages and reviews, and share any positive feedback you receive.


Your business premises will also play a role in establishing your level of credibility. Your business home sends a clear message about what the company stands for and what brand image you wish to project. It doesn’t matter if you have an office, a factory or a shop, you should take pride in your business properties and ensure they represent your company well.

Make the property look as professional as possible with eye-catching quality signage on the outside of the building. If you sell products in a store, then the shop front is the first thing that visitors will see – so make sure it looks as appealing as possible. You should also make sure the interior is presentable, especially the washrooms and waiting areas. To boost credibility in your brand, create a star wall somewhere within the building featuring press clippings, photographs and testimonials, so clients can see your well-earned reputation.

Taking steps both online and offline will help to boost your overall business credibility, as both personas work together to project your brand.