How to Make a Customer or Client’s Visit Memorable

Standing out and making a memorable impression on your customers and clients is important for making them return. Everyone’s talking about the “customer experience” these days and with good reason; Oracle’s Customer Experience Impact report found that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Creating a positive customer experience is much more than customer service. It’s about building relationships with consumers, creating a personalised service and going the extra mile to make them happy. Whether you own a restaurant or a business services company, making every visit memorable is a goal every company should be striving towards.

Here are some ideas you can try and incorporate into the branding strategy and overall business to ensure that client or customer has a noteworthy experience.


To the modern consumer, personalisation is everything. Brands should be catering to individual needs and letting customers know how they are tailoring the shopping experience. Brainstorm some ideas for how you can roll out personalisation for all communication channels, including digital. For B2B, it can be as simple as asking for their refreshment of choice before a meeting or giving a thoughtful bespoke corporate gift at Christmas.

Show them you care

In order to keep their custom, businesses have to show customers and clients that they really value it. This can be done in a variety of ways. If you’re entertaining a client and they’ve travelled away from home, put a welcome basket in their hotel room and give them some insider tips for sightseeing and the good restaurants in town. Offer customers a treat or freebie on their birthday. This inspires loyalty and encourages disengaged customers to come back.

Hire personable staff

Usually it’s the conversations you have with the receptionist at the check-in desk, the retail assistant, the bartender or the customer service staff that make all the difference to your overall experience. A friendly smile and offer to help can go a long way, and certain employees can be responsible for a large amount of returning customers. On the other hand, if staff aren’t helpful or don’t seem to care about the customer’s experience, then those employees also have to opportunity to ensure a customer never returns. Be wise about the front of house staff you hire and make sure there is a reward and recognition system in place for those doing a great job and delivering five star customer service.

A focus on customer experience will improve customer retention and boost your business reputation. So what are you waiting for?