Why Signage is so Important

Brand Image

In today’s digital landscape, you’d be forgiven for thinking that traditional signage is old fashioned and obsolete. You might decide to focus solely on your website rather than invest in branding and advertising for your store. However, if you have an eye catching design and include the right information on your signage, it can be very effective at persuading passers-by to look inside or make a mental note to visit your website or social media pages.

Here are some reasons why commercial signage is important, and how businesses can make the most of it.

Be Seen

A well designed sign placed in a strategic location can help your brand be seen. You could be on a busy high street where there’s a lot of competition, or maybe your business is located on a busy quiet street – place a sign on the main road directing people to check you out. Good signage can also get people to notice your business at events and exhibitions and can increase your physical presence.

Professional Image

Even if you have an office and don’t need to encourage people to enter the building, well designed signage can give visitors a good impression. Architectural signage on the interior and exterior of the building gives off a professional image, and makes your brand more recognisable.


If you have a special promotion, sale or event, a sign gets the word out. Businesses can have a range of signs that can be re-used throughout the year, for special seasonal promotions or sales. If you’re doing something different, shout about it!

Brand Awareness

To increase brand awareness and recognition, you need to constantly feed your company image and values to consumers. You may think it’s pointless to have your brand name in signage inside your café as well as outside – but it has a higher chance of being remembered. Signage isn’t all about selling, it’s about branding and communicating with your audience.

Special Offers and Prices

It takes something impressive to make somebody change their plans and enter your shop or restaurant when they weren’t planning to. That’s the aim of some billboards and signage, to increase awareness of your offering and gain some new custom. Most of the time displaying affordable prices or shouting about a special limited offer can do the trick.

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