Large Format

Large format pieces really add a wow factor to any project. We can change a bland looking walk way into an instagram dream or create a feature wall that really makes a lasting impression. From digitally printed wallpaper to illuminated stretch fabric frames we can design, print and install a real showstopper.

Wall covering 2-01.jpg

Wall Covering

Digitally printed wallpapers are the most commonly used form of wall coverings. Printed onto a self adhesive material and supplied in drops as regular wallpaper would be fitted the sizes options are limitless - a step up from the messy pasting tables. Interchangeable wall coverings are also possible with a stretch fabric frame. The graphic is printed onto a fabric material that fits into a wall mounted frame. The graphic is interchangeable making the stretch fabric frame popular where constant image updates are required.

Direct to media 2-01.jpg

Direct to media

Direct to media printing is when we print direct to a particular substrate. This works particularly well when used with foam boards for exhibition panels. They are light weight and easily installed with adhesive velcro strips. Other substrates like composite panels are a good alternative when the conditions are not suitable for adhesive materials, damp, cold or variable extremes for example. 

Window display 2-01.jpg

Window Display

Some of the most impressive effects can be achieved on glass. Optically clear is a completely transparent material that can be printed directly onto creating almost unbelievable results. Along with contravison, a printable material that allows you to see through and a range of printable frosted films the creative possibilities are endless.