Shop Front & Fascia Signage

Your shop front signage is what stands you out from the crowd. Its the first thing potential customers will notice and first impressions are the most important. The best thing about shop fascias is that you don't have to spend your entire budget to make them look great. From simple cut vinyls to illuminated fret cut trays we can design, produce and install your shop signage.  


Signs trays and Extruding

Sign trays are the most commonly used finish for shop fascias. They can be made to almost any size with a lap join for a flush connection. Sign trays are a good base as they can be branded to suit any budget from self adhesive cut vinyls to built up halo effect lettering.         The extruding sign is a double sided tray that protrudes from the building and can be branded the same way. Extruding signs are a must on busy streets where many business are doing their best to grab your attention.  


Flat Cut, Built up & Traditional Lettering

When it comes to branding your fascia there are various ways to produce the lettering. Flat cut is formed by cutting the letters from a particular material, in most cases foamex but this could be treated MDF, composite or stainless steal. If you require something with more depth then built ups are ideal and also provide the opportunity to add illumination with LED's fitted inside. Traditional hand painted signs have made a real come back over the last few years and when used in the appropriate way can look exceptional.  



Lightboxes are a good alternative when space is limited or you require the sign to be suspended. With the technological advances in lighting, LED sheets have brought the depth of lightboxes down to around 60mm. This makes them significantly more visually pleasing than early lightbox designs. The opal panel that fits into the box can be branded with either cut vinyls or a translucent digital print.